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Divine Goddess Coven

Are you ready to join a Coven of Divine Goddess Awakening?

We are looking for more women who are ready to learn how to help people through their intuition and awaken the divine feminine. As an Apprenticeship for Divine Goddess Awakening, you will become an intuitive channel for the divine feminine. You will use Goddess teachings for healing, awakening and transformation for diverse women all over the world. 

A sacred feminine resurrection is restoring early order and balance. We are pleased to invite you to accept . 

As, your Guiding Light and High Priestess, Dortheá Enriqué, I am here to help you in your divine path of alignment. I am a professional full-time Psychic and Angel Tarotist, Holistic Therapist, and Spiritual Life Coach. I am also the owner of Modern Soulful Living – Holistic Healing Studio in Metro-Detroit. I am also the Creator of this Divine Goddess ministry.

In this Divine Goddess Coven, we will together gather to learn:

  • Psychic & Intuitive Development
  • Phases of the Moon for rituals
  • Chakra Healing and Holistic Health for Mind, Body & Soul
  • Meditating with Crystals for Psychic Abilities
  • New Moon Rituals
  • Waxing Moon Rituals
  • Waning Moon Rituals
  • Full Moon Rituals
  • Building your dream business as a Life Coach, Psychic or Spiritual Advisor

Membership to the Goddess Coven requires a monthly offering of $111.11. Your seeds will surely manifest a harvest…as you sow, you shall reap. As it is written, it is so.


  • Website membership into the Modern Soul Sister Tribe 
  • Exclusive invitations to moon rituals and goddess retreat gatherings
  • Exclusive membership to Divine Goddess Coven
    • (free Modern Soul Sister Tribe Membership included)
  • Divine Goddess Awakening Membership Ritual E-books (every moon cycle)
  • Website membership and monthly exclusive group coaching with the Coven
  • premium email subscription 
  • Access to exclusive music & meditations mp3’s
  • Chakra Healing courses, Shadow Work and Light Work assignments
  • 20 minute Free Monthly reading 1-on-1 with Goddess Dorthea Enrique

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