Positive Affirmations: Here’s Why Everything You Say Matters

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Positive Affirmations

  • I have the wisdom, courage, and creativity to make my dreams a reality.
  • I have the ability to use my skills to attract more wealth.
  • I accept luxury into my life and enjoy its privileges.
  • I am open to the positive influences of abundance, prosperity and wealth.
  • I attract prosperity and beauty with each thought. 

The Power of intention

Have you ever spoken unkindly to someone? Did the words profoundly affect that person?

Have you ever gave someone a compliment and watched as their face lit up with joy?

Words are powerful; and when they are used to hurt someone, they can be devastating. The words you speak and the things you say do have a huge affect not only on yourself, but others as well. Yes, what you say really does matter.

Have you ever called yourself stupid or dumb? Have you berated yourself in front of the mirror because you feel fat?

Have you tried to remind yourself how smart you are? Have you tried to praise yourself for the beautiful aspects of yourself in the mirror, yet?

Do you realize every word you say is being processed by your subconscious and, in some cases, imbeds itself there? Thus, it begins to seep into your conscious self and the feelings of self-worth begin to dissipate.

What you say ultimately translates into eventual belief. If you utter to yourself, “I’m not very good at making decisions,” you will never succeed in making decisions that serve you best. You are setting up a defeatist attitude even before you begin. When you begin a thought or a sentence with a negative word, your expectations can never be realized.

Sometimes, many of us may call other people out their names. While you may apologize, the word has already been spoken; you can’t take it back. The person on the receiving end of the insult may take it to heart, and can be changed forever. We live in a world where words are used to attack, cajole, embrace, nurture, disengage, provoke and inspire. We not only hurt ourselves, we hurt others as well. Anger, frustration, and disappointment contribute to the misuse of words. Even though the aftermath of unkind words are realized, we still do it. Perhaps the old adage is true, ìIf you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.î

It is important to realize the affect words have on us. Whether we mean to say them or not, said often enough they can transform the very essence of who we are. Children are especially vulnerable to words. Yet, we continue to use unkind and often insensitive words as a disciplinary measure. Eventually, they grow up with low self-esteem, or painfully shy, or feel they are worth anything at all.

The next time you speak, think about the words you are about to impart. Choose them wisely when speaking to your peers, and cautiously when speaking to children. Understand that one word can positively or negatively affect someone’s life; even your own.

Law of Attraction – 3 Manifestations to Master Your Money Reality

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Money Manifestation Mediations

  • I am happy to receive all the things the universe has in store for me. 
  • I am open to getting an abundance of love, health, money, and whatever else I desire.
  • The universe sends me everything I need.
  • My mind vibrates on a level that attracts abundance.
  • I send out clear intentions of the abundance I desire to the universe. It understands what I want and moves accordingly.

Manifest Your Money Reality

The law of attraction, like all other laws, have guidelines that need to be applied for maximum success. While affirmations work for many things they don’t often work very well for manifesting money and that is because of the deeply entrenched belief that most people have about money. It could take lifetimes for those beliefs to change and while that belief is unchanged the money problems continue.

Have you ever noticed that the things you seem to have the most difficulty with are those things which have power over you? Money happens to be one thing in physical realty that has power over most people. If you understood the nature of realty and how it works money would cease to be a problem. It does not have to be this way when you known the post powerful cosmic tools that govern reality.

You can easily switch the dynamic and begin to master money with these three proven steps.

You become the Master and money Becomes the Servant.

Switch your perspective and your world will change. Money is an entity which is here to serve you. You are the divine one, here to experience life in this physical boy. You should never be a slave to money rather should become master above money while money serves you.

It’s a tiny shift in perspective but a powerful one.

Experience is More Important Than Money

Most everyone is trying to use the law of attraction to manifest more money but most people are going about it the wrong way. They are chasing money as opposed to having money come to them. If you limit the things you think you need and begin to focus more on experience than having “things,” you can free up your ability to become a magnet.

The more experiences you have the more expanded you become. Money flows to one who is in an expanded state. The more experiences you have the richer you feel and the richer you act. You value life and the uniqueness of experience much more than you value things. In that state you are not wanting money but money will come and come abundantly. The law of attraction honours that state of being and rewards you for it. As you increase your life experiences you will begin to increase your vibration.

Higher Vibration Makes You a Powerful Money Magnet

As you expand in vibration you increase your ability to draw things to you easily. Higher vibration means more power. There are many advanced manifesting techniques that can dramatically shift your law of attraction practices to the next level. They are phenomenal when used with a clear intention. Shifting your vibration can be quite hard for the average person. When you are bombarded by the daily frustrations of the day, you may doubt that the law of attraction is even working in your favour.

Advance cosmic law of attraction techniques balance you out. They remove mental physical and emotional blocks that are unseen to your present self. They intensify your desires and draw them much easier to you. You will become an easy magnet for money without the struggle. What you want wants you. While others wait weeks and months for what they want the cosmic forces help you in manifesting faster. It’s purely magical!